About Swirsky's

Swirsky’s is Corner Brook’s best small venue for quality live entertainment.

Featuring a warm, comfortable atmosphere and fantastic acoustics, Swirsky’s is the place to hear the best up-and-coming musical talent, see intimate theatre or host your private party.

At Swirsky’s, the performance is everything. We generally start our shows promptly at 8pm. We have a bar, but we are not a bar – the performer is our focus and our audiences usually respect what’s going on onstage. You won’t hear the bar cash register ding in the middle of a song!

Above all, we want to make our patrons feel welcomed. As its historical name suggests, we are proud to be a part of downtown Corner Brook.

What is a Swirsky?

Our name comes from one of the historical owners of the building: Ernest Swirsky. The Broadway area of Corner Brook was largely built by Jewish and Lebanese merchants in the 1920s and 30s. Ernest immigrated to Corner Brook from Poland (now Belarus) in the 1920s. His wife joined him a few years later and together they raised kids here and built various businesses.

This building is one a handful remaining on Broadway from that era. It’s been a dry goods store, a women’s clothing store, a bar and even a pizza shop. We think the immigrant story of Corner Brook is pretty cool, and we’re happy to pay homage to these people who took a chance, moved far away from their homes and built this City.