Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Seasonally Disordered

We gathered. We workshopped. And now... we showcase. Come out March 22nd (Thur.) and the 23rd (Fri.) to see Seasonally Disordered, a collaborative theatre experience wherein local writers, actors, and theatre professionals have a chance to express themselves through new, original work. Four short scripts and three monologues take us through the dark days of winter and the various ways a motley crew of characters are affected by its seemingly neverending presence. A look at how we cope and how we decidedly DON’T, Seasonally Disordered wants you to confront your winter blues so that you can then learn how to shake them off. $10 tickets are available at both Brewed Awakening locations. Titles: - Parable of the Stranger By Jordan Sheppard - Disordered Monologue 1 By Tiffany Roberts - Tempus Frangit By Kassie Lukeman - Hub Bingo on Wednesdays* By Adam Critchley - Disordered Monologue 2 By Meaghan Collins - Campfire Stories By Kassie Lukeman Doors open at 8 and there will be a fifteen minute intermission. Pieces may contain strong language or adult themes, so bringing small children is probably ill-advised. *Hub Bingo on Wednesdays will be a staged reading on Friday.